The Liberation Gardens Installation Project (LGIP) will make a small contribution to increasing food security in communities across the southwest side of Atlanta by installing 100 residential garden beds. Beds will be installed in Ashview Heights, Bankhead, West End and Oakland City These communities are prime for LGIP as they have endured systemic, inequitable levels of food security support.


Liberation Gardens Installation Project offers:

  • Assessment and evaluation of the home for the best location to place a raised bed or in ground veg eatable garden.
  • Installation of garden beds or containers (for those households that do not have a yard for raised beds)
  • Free seasonal seedling distribution for spring, summer and fall crops. This includes vegetable, herb and flower seedlings and seed packets of your choice.
  • Incremental site visit to your garden to answer garden related questions and provide maintenance.
  • Maintenance includes organic pest and fungal management, natural fertilizers, and relevant horticultural materials for a sustainable garden.
  • Educational Zines-How to sustain your garden, mistakes to avoid, how to’s and other useful information to maintain a garden
  • Residential Garden maintenance kit ( 1per garden) Attend the program orientation facilitated in partnership with community partners Participation in the garden installation process to the best of your physical ability Complete and return survey and evaluations in a timely manner Have an understanding that it is their responsibility to care for their garden with the resources provided Enjoy the fruits of your labor