The Collective members working on this Liberation Install Project include:

  • The Come Up Project (Gangstas to Growers)
  • Think Green Inc.
  • Blue In Green Consulting Group


Abiodun is a community organizer and Executive Director of The Come Up Project which features Gangstas to Growers,  an agribusiness training program for formerly incarcerated young adults, and the developing Sweet Sol Hot Sauce Cooperative. She has been a community organizer in the westside of Atlanta for over 9 years and under her leadership, the Westview Community Garden is now community-owned. Abiodun is a native Brooklynite who represents for the Kru Liberians. She enjoyed when her six year old son yelled, “Free Black People” every morning when they use to pass the Atlanta City jail pre-covid.

Charles Greenlea

Charles Greenlea’s roots run deep in Georgia’s red clay soils. A multigenerational resident of Atlanta and the descendant of a long line of growers, educators, entrepreneurs, and organizers, Charles was cultivated to serve his community in a unique way. In 2019 he founded ECO-PARADIGM, LLC as an official organism in Atlanta’s local food ecosystem in an effort to help bring balance between ecology and economics for communities of color. Charles loves people and nature and sees the work he does as an opportunity to support others in sustaining themselves and their communities through land stewardship.


Khari Diop

Khari Diop, Atlanta native and founder|CEO of non-profit Think Green Inc., is a 4th generation Georgia grower, a community garden-based environmental educator, urban agriculture advocate, and local food security/sovereignty activist. In an over two decade career as a green industry professional he’s played a pivotal role in creating resilient hyper-local food systems, while cultivating growers of all ages and abilities, from pre-school youth to senior citizens. With an eye for design, an appreciation and reverence for the beauty of nature and a keen interest in ecology and horticulture, from soil science to botany, Khari brings abundant offerings, joyful exuberance and deep insights to the work.



Kayla is a native of Southwest Atlanta who special power is opening the lines of communication between communities and organizations to get things done. She  currently serves as Organizer of The Free Black Women’s Library Atlanta and Founder of BlkGrl Bookshop, both spaces center the works and lives of Black writers and work to deconstruct barriers for access to literature. Kayla is also apart of the student support staff with Georgia State University’s health-focused programs. 

Kayla is an obsessive book lover, reader and servant of Black women storytellers. True to form, Kayla is a cancer to the core; loves, protects and builds.



Zahra conjures enthusiasm for life by practicing pleasure and play, living simply and seeking joy. Being a parent, organizer, creator and adventurer are a few roles that allow her to explore the depths of her pleasure and joy.  A project starting, wandering, overlover and outdoor junkie, she utilizes experience and space curation, outdoor adventure, land base work , wellness rituals and being a creator as the root of her community organizing efforts to enhance the quality of life among Black folk. Her work centers Black women, children and queer folks and meets at the intersection of justice,, healing, quality of life and Black liberation. She is the Principal of Blue in Green Consulting Group, which specializes in cultivating experiences, spaces, and feels.